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1 transfer to a peripheral device, of computer data
2 take the load off (a container or vehicle); "unload the truck"; "offload the van" [syn: unload]

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  • a UK
    • sense Noun /ˈɒf.ləʊd/ /"Qf.l@Ud/
    • sense Verb /ˌɒfˈləʊd/ %Qf"l@Ud/
  • a US
    • sense Verb /ˌɑfˈloʊd/ /%Af"loUd/
rfp US noun pronunciation needed


  1. The act of passing the ball to a team mate when tackled.


  1. to unload
  2. to get rid of things, work, or problems by passing them on to someone else
    He offloaded the defective car onto an unsuspecting buyer.
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